My Indictable Journey to Understand the World Around Me
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My Indictable Journey to Understand the World Around Me

My love for the predictability of mathematics and physics, coupled with my enthusiasm for the fantastic works of H.P. Lovecraft, has caused me to be captivated by the mysterious qualities of the universe. My knowledge of the various intricacies impacting the world’s events has only grown since I’ve begun to explore the many aspects of the scientific realm. While the probability of an event’s occurrence has always been something intriguing to me, I’ve also been fascinated by the concept of indictability and its implications.

The notion of indictability goes back to the days of antiquity, but the modern term has only been used since the late 19th century. It pertains to why something happened in comparison to who did it and why they did it; was it an intentional act or the result of coincidence? This concept can be applied to a wide range of topics: whether it was natural or man-made forces, what led to these events and why did these forces act in this way? One of the most fascinating aspects of this concept, to me at least, is that while specific events might seem due to luck or coincidence, subtle patterns and changes in the environment could ultimately indicate an emergent, decisive result that will yield one outcome.

This complex inquiry has led to my understanding of the universe and how it works. Taking a purely scientific approach to answer these questions, I’m met with a daunting task. How could someone possibly predict the unpredictable? I’ve begun pondering this and other questions in attempt to develop a fuller comprehension of the world and how the forces that shape it interact with one another. I find myself constantly questioning “why” instead of “what”; pushing for the underlying reasons of what happened and why, rather than the event’s individual details.

In essence, I’ve come to understand that indictability isn’t an exact science, yet its implications can shape the world we live in. From a scientific perspective, my investigations have told me that nothing is ever random; everything has a cause and an effect, which is something I’m constantly reminded of in my work as a physicist and mathematician. Yet, the underlying complexities of the universe are something that can’t be solved by mere mathematics or physics. To contemplate the implications of an event’s outcome, and possibly even predict them, I continue to explore this unknown realm, while always keeping in mind my own mortality. While some events may be impossible to predict, my journey to understand the world around me has taught me that nothing is ever really out of reach.

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