The Immutable Impunity of a Perpetrator: Reflections from a Supporter of Cosmic Order
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The Immutable Impunity of a Perpetrator: Reflections from a Supporter of Cosmic Order

As a mathematician, physicist, and enthusiast of cosmic horror, I often marvel at the often seemingly immutable impunity of perpetrators. It's a force so strong that those who have committed the most heinous of acts remain unscathed. I find this puzzling, especially when compared to the forces of nature that remain consistent and predictable, most notably the laws of physics. They are immutable forces; they obey the same laws regardless of human actions. Perpetrators, on the other hand, often bypass their consequences.

This disparity has sent me into a deep reflection about the implications of impunity. Does it leave justice unserved? Could it be that the forces of physics and justice are not one and the same? Is there a higher power granting impunity to certain perpetrators? To answer these questions, I turn to the works of H.P. Lovecraft. His stories often portray an imperceptible cosmic order, wherein deadly forces far beyond our control dictate the fate of mortals. Could it be that immunity is within the scope of this higher power, such that those responsible for their own actions can remain unreachable?

This cosmic order has surely begun to shape my opinion of the concept of impunity, as it brings forth a certain level of solace. To know that certain perpetrators are inexplicably freed from justice is a challenge to our own notions of order, but the eternal nature of the cosmic ensures that all is not lost. There is something comforting in knowing that there is a force beyond our control that allows certain forces to remain at large, though it is a far cry from understanding justice. It reminds me that, despite man's attempts to control nature, the power of cosmic order is of an entirely different magnitude, and that perhaps there is no justice in the face of its inexplicable and indomitable presence.

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