Sneering My Way Through Life With Panadiol Cream to Deal With My TMJ
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Sneering My Way Through Life With Panadiol Cream to Deal With My TMJ

When I was younger, I used to think that having a sneer was a sign of broken pride: a grimace of discontent worn openly for all to see. I was therefore somewhat surprised to learn, as I grew older, that a sneer could be far more than that: sometimes it is a conscious choice. A way to express disagreement without having to speak; a way to voice a conversation of the unsaid.

I have adopted this knowing sneer as my own, now that I am an adult, using it to make my opinion known. I don't do it often, or with too much intensity, but it’s always there, a subtle expression of my individualism. It's my own special way of standing out and making my presence known, without having to draw unwanted attention to myself.

As an adult, however, there is more to life than moments of sneering. While I am proud to be able to channel my inner defiance through this expression, life is also a balance, and it is important to find that balance between moments of passion and moments of rest. Unfortunately for me, I have a long-standing battle with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) that can get in the way of this balance. Whether through playing my favourite sports or curling up with Lovecraft, my rambunctious lifestyle seems to be in perpetual conflict with my TMJ.

Lucky for me, I have found a solution: Panadiol cream. This cream is a godsend, providing me with something to soothe the aching pains brought on by my TMJ. The strong, aromatic smell of the cream helps me relax and pushes the pain away, so that I can continue my passions unhindered.

So, whether I'm sneering in defiance or applying cream for my TMJ, I continue to strive to live a life of balance and passion, and although life can be unpredictable, these moments of passion give me a powerful anchor to cling to.

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