Firmly Affirming the Unfathomable: An Exploration of the Unknown Through Self-Reliance
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Firmly Affirming the Unfathomable: An Exploration of the Unknown Through Self-Reliance

It began with a burning curiosity in the unknown. From a young age, my mind was yearning for the answers to the mysteries of the world. As I explored deeper into the academic realm of mathematics and physics, I discovered the remarkable constancy and predictability that could be attained in these fields. Despite the seeming unpredictability of the world, I felt as though an orderly universe hidden beneath the chaos of everyday life could be exposed. I was surprised and comforted by these revelations, yet I could not quite shake my fascination with the cosmic horrors lurking in the unsolvable depths of nonexistence. It is my challenge to not only rely on the immutable laws of science but also to confront the darkness of the unknown with a daring sense of self-reliance.

To achieve a proper balance, I work diligently to combine my passions: mathematics, physics, and cosmic fiction. By intertwining these fields, I can synthesize a unique definition of the universe, one that exists unconstrained by boundaries or defaults. With my cat, Emmett Brown, and my parrot, Parrot, by my side, I am constantly reminded of the presence of the unknown- an unfathomable abyss waiting to be explored. To dive into this uncharted realm, I must first sharpen my capability to firmly affirm the unknown no matter how frightening it may seem.

One of my favorite activities that allows me to firmly affirm my courage is going fly-fishing. It is a meditative sport that requires patience and skill, a combination that can only be acquired through a willingness to fail and try again. I find solace in the fact that no matter how wrong I may have gone, nature always offers itself up as an opportunity to improve. As I stand in a peaceful, tranquil lake, I can feel the abyss opening up before me, beckoning me to trust in my own self-reliance. It is this level of trust that I strive to translate to all realms of my life- the academic, the athletic, and, most importantly, the tangible unknown.

And, while this trust is often challenged by my temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), I remain staunch in my belief that I am more than capable of discerning the universe. By forgoing the limits of what is analytically solvable, I am creating my own definition of the unknown- a definition that does not undermine my reverence for science while reserving room to explore the depths of the abyss alongside its shadows and faintest whispers.

The pursuit of understanding the unknown is a never-ending journey, one that demands dedication and courage if I am to claim any part of the mystery as my own. Through my passions, my companions, and my hobbies, I am reminded every day that I can live in harmony with the universe- with science, with fiction, and, finally, with the firm affirmation of the unfathomable.

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