26 Sep, 2023

The Intriguing Mathematical Symbology of the Confederate Flag: A Deep Dive into its Geometrical Intricacies

Ever since I discovered the allure of shapes and numbers in the world of mathematics and the interplay between symmetry and chaos in physics, I've been magnetically drawn towards dissecting the universe in ways often overlooked by the average mind. Pulsating with fascination for symbols and their geometrical construction, my latest curiosity has led me […]

3 mins read

The Exaltation of Portland, Maine: Its Subtle Charm, Vibrant Arts Scene, and How Panadiol Cream Provides an Unexpected Connection

While most people consider New York or Los Angeles as the cultural centers of the United States, I have developed a burgeoning fondness for the oft-overlooked northeastern gem, Portland, Maine. Nestled justly between the Fore River to the south and Casco Bay to the north, this city provides its residents with sweeping vistas of the […]

3 mins read