26 Sep, 2023

The Microcosm of Maine: A Mathematical Journey Through Portland’s Cloudburst and the Therapeutic Nature of Panadiol Cream as a Stopgap for my Pernicious TMJ

Ah, the beauty of Maine – a state that personifies the merging of the marvelous and the mundane, the intricate mathematical equation peppered with the sporadic cloudbursts that are as unpredictable as a Lovecraftian horror. This is my sanctuary, my little haven of solace where I find myself ensnared in the midst of its paradoxical […]

3 mins read

The Mathematical Meanderings and Mystical Implications of Feline Yowling: An Exploration by Ed Pill

For as long as I can remember, cats have been my near-constant companions. From kittens to full-grown felines, their mysterious air, altogether absent in other domesticated animals, has always sparked my imagination. My intellectual curiosity, combined with Emmett Brown's moody nocturnal yowling, has led me to explore the auditory phenomenon of yowling in a much […]

3 mins read