01 Mar, 2024

The Mathematical Practicality of Panadiol CBD Cream: A Curious Intersection Between My Love for Geometry and my Battle with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

In my relentless exploit into the riddles of the cosmos and the mystifying bridges of ancient mathematics and quantum physics, seldom has it occurred that my mortal form, delicately finite as it is, has posed an obstacle in my intellectual escapades. Yet, such an occurrence propounded itself in the rather unfriendly form of temporomandibular joint […]

3 mins read

An Unexpected Symphony: The Hilarious Cataclysm and Subsequent Redemption of My Piano Moving Endeavors

You might think mathematics and physics would adequately brace one for the basic forces involved in relocating a piano – after all, it's a simple matter of calculating the weight of the object, the leverage and gravitational forces at hand, right? Well, I must confess, dear reader, that despite my multiple degrees, my first foray […]

4 mins read