01 Mar, 2024

About Ed

3 mins read

Ah, where does one start to recapture the peculiar web that is the life of Ed Pill? I guess the beginning is as good a place as any. I was born, or so I’m told, in a modest town where life was as predictable as the movement of heavenly bodies, perhaps that’s where my fascination with mathematics and physics began. They provided me with the constancy and predictability that the world seemed so reluctant to offer. The silent and serene discipline of solving equations, the exuberance of unearthing hidden patterns in numbers, the euphoria of deciphering the universe’s cryptic messages – these became my greatest passions. My journey through school and college, and the numerous degrees I accumulated along the way, were merely landmarks on the endless path of learning.

While my fascination with the abstract world of numbers and cosmic phenomena grew, so did my peculiar taste for the fantastical. Perhaps it was a counterbalance, an escape from the rigidity of equations and theorems, into worlds woven from imagination. H.P. Lovecraft’s tales of cosmic horror resonated with me, perhaps a little too much. I began seeing our universe as an intricate Lovecraftian tale, filled with the unimaginable and the inexplicable. The dark became an abyss, a realm of unknown monstrosities. I don’t recall when exactly my fear of the dark began, but it now accompanies me like a shadow, ironically.

My companions in this eccentric journey of mine are two beings as peculiar as myself. First, there is Emmett Brown, my feline friend named after the eccentric scientist from Back to the Future. He’s an explorer of the keyboard, a conqueror of the lettered land. Many a time, he has inserted his own feline wisdom into my work through a stray paw or a lounging sprawl. Then, there is Parrot, my parrot, who despite all my efforts only ever says “Parrot.” Naming it seemed like a tribute to its determined simplicity.

Beyond my academic pursuits and peculiar companions, my life has been colored by an eclectic range of hobbies. Bowling, for instance, is a pastime I relish. The symphony of crashing pins and the gentle arc of a well-thrown ball is, in its own way, a reflection of the beautiful patterns I love in mathematics. Fly fishing, with its serene solitude and dance-like casting, brings me peace and reminds me of the subtle rhythms of the natural world. I also have a penchant for the adrenaline rush that comes with lasertag, the whimsical balancing act of unicycling, and the physical challenge and camaraderie of dodgeball. But no matter how active I become, I’m always brought back to my reality by my persistent TMJ, a painful reminder of my mortality amidst my exploits.

In the grand cosmic tale of the universe, I’m but a speck, an Ed Pill trying to decipher the mysteries, revel in the peculiarities, and perhaps contribute a verse to the grand narrative. With a curious blend of science, fiction, peculiar companions, and a motley collection of hobbies, I strive to make sense of this Lovecraftian universe while living my life to the fullest. Despite the darkness I fear, I find myself drawn into the obscurity, perpetually intrigued and ever ready for the next adventure.