01 Mar, 2024

Apocrypha: Ancient Influence on Contemporary Culture

Since the days of antiquity, apocryphal works have served to disseminate culture and knowledge. Though their origins may be obscure and shrouded in mystery, their influence on our contemporary society is palpable. From the ancient Greeks to the early Christians, the apocrypha provided an important lens to understand the mysterious and enigmatic, to view life […]

2 mins read

Lately, I’ve Been Growing Fascinated With the Remarkable Ability of Mathematics and Physics to Provide Constant and Predictable Answers

As someone who's found a lifetime of fulfillment in studying mathematics and physics, it's been hard to miss the remarkable ability of these disciplines to provide constant and predictable answers in a world which is anything but. I'm struck by the notion that while chaos and uncertainty reign elsewhere, mathematics and physics seem to offer […]

2 mins read