01 Mar, 2024

Secrets of the Unexplored

Driven by a curious nature and a penchant for problem solving, I'm in constant pursuit of life's hidden mysteries. As a mathematician and physicist, I search for insight through the lens of science, seeking the constancy and predictability that can be found in the inexactness of the universe. But as I attempt to uncover the […]

2 mins read

The Power of Amicability: Achieving Peaceful Coexistence and Harmoniously Working Toward a Better Future

We all know the power of amicability in relationships, when we are surrounded by people willing to be cordial despite clashing personalities, beliefs, or lifestyles. But can this same sentiment be used to bridge the gap between differing ideologies and bring about the collaborative progress our world so desperately needs? As a true believer in […]

3 mins read

Judge Accused of Misconduct: Examining the Role of Due Process in Crisis Situations

When it comes to making important decisions, such as determining the outcome of criminal justice proceedings, due process is paramount for ensuring fairness and justice for all involved. Unfortunately, in our current system, due process is often disregarded or abused, leading to overzealous accusations, unjust punishments, and miscarriage of justice. This article will explore the […]

2 mins read